Small Improvements
Virtual workshop

How to undermine bias and hire the best person for the job

Thursday, September 8  ·  10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET

Learn concrete diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies you can apply to mitigate bias in the hiring process and bring in the best person for the job.

What we'll cover:


The role and importance of DEIB best practices in hiring

si-list-bCommon flaws in typical interview processes


Four steps for using structured interviews to effectively mitigate bias



Why you should join


Refreshing and scientific
This workshop is short (1 hour) and packed with research that appeals to data-driven minds.


Focused on tipping-point skills
All skills are not created equal. Discover the smallest changes that make the biggest impact.


Interactive and hands-on
Break down a skill into its most useful components, then apply it to a real-life challenge.

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More about what we'll cover

Almost every company uses interviews when evaluating candidates - but too often, a flawed interview process can inadvertently introduce bias and lead to less effective outcomes and less diverse hiring pools.

In this interactive, hour-long webinar, Josh De Leon from Peoplism will share the methods they use to stop bias in the hiring process and bring in the right candidate for the role. You'll walk away with:

  • A case for why DEIB best practices are important in hiring
  • Examples of how interviewing can perpetuate bias
  • Four concrete steps for using structured interviews to mitigate bias

This is a live, online workshop where you will interact with your People Ops peers over video. That means you'll need a quiet space (e.g., a meeting room) as well as a computer with a camera and a microphone.


Meet the  facilitator

Josh De Leon

Josh is a DEIB facilitator and change agent. He has worked across industries to build community, create more equitable systems, and center the lived experiences of marginalized groups. Before Peoplism, Josh managed projects and designed DEIB programs for good governance nonprofit, and at a human rights NGO.

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Meet the organizers

Peoplism and Small Improvements share a passion for creating positive change through measurable solutions.

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Peoplism is an impact-driven DEIB consulting firm that helps organizations build more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces. With interventions that target the root causes and provide evidence-based solutions. Learn more.



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