Small Improvements
Virtual workshop

How to create outstanding managers (faster!)

Tuesday, April 13  ·  10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET

Having great managers is critical to the success of your company. Learn strategies to leverage managerial skills. The result: increased impact and improved learning culture across your org.

What we'll cover:


Easy-to-implement hacks to increase your effectiveness


Clarifying decision criteria


Techniques to motivate and deliver difficult messages well



Why you should join


Refreshing and scientific
This workshop is short (1 hour) and packed with research that appeals to data-driven minds.


Focused on tipping-point skills
All skills are not created equal. Discover the smallest changes that make the biggest impact.


Interactive and hands-on
Break down a skill into its most useful components, then apply it to a real-life challenge.

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More about what we'll cover

As leaders in your org, one of the best sources of leverage are your managers. If you help them become better at developing people, they will increase your impact.

This workshop by LifeLabs Learning will give you easy-to-implement hacks to increase your effectiveness, clarify decision criteria, motivate, and deliver difficult messages well. You’ll have a chance to practice what you learned and take home a plan to create a learning culture across your organization.

This is a live, online workshop where you will interact with your People Ops peers over video. That means you'll need a quiet space (e.g. a meeting room) as well as a computer with a camera and a microphone.


Meet the  facilitator

Rebecca-Poretsky-e1583158861359-300x380Rebecca Poretsky is a facilitator at LifeLabs. She has been an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco and led experiential learning programs at Apple University. Rebecca has also combined her expertise in design thinking, applied improvisation, and facilitation to train leaders and teams around the world.

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Meet the organizers

LifeLabs and Small Improvements share a passion for creating positive change through simplicity.


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